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Why did you choose to study hospitality?
Everything started with a summer job at a café on the west coast of Sweden. I enjoyed it very much so the step to move on to working at a hotel was a natural one. My boss there had studied at IHTTI School of Hotel Management and recommended Swiss Education Group and their schools. That’s how it started.

For Klara Bergerud, hospitality opens up opportunities from the tiniest village all the way to NYC

Why Swiss Education Group?
Because Switzerland is the land of hospitality. There is something about the hospitality here and being open to help others, no matter what industry you are in. The schools also have a good reputation and being here is something new while it’s still close to home.

What does the International Recruitment Forum mean to you as a student?
Having the opportunity to network with professionals like this is just great. If you are on your toes you can meet and greet with as many companies you want. To meet them face to face is so valuable. As this is my third time here I even recognize some of the recruiters visiting!

What do you want to do after school?
I want to start working as soon as I can. That’s why I decided not to have any internships. My goal is to be a General Manager, but I’m so impatient!

I have been looking at the Maldives, it would be nice to work there but I need to weigh that experience against being away from home for so long. I have visited the Maldives 12 times as a guest and know how amazing it is being there. You can compare the Maldives with Switzerland, as both countries are big on hospitality. There it seems you are either a fisherman or working in hospitality.

What is your favourite thing about hospitality?
To feel I can make a difference to the overall guest experience and making it a trip to remember for them by going above and beyond with my services.

What has been one of the best surprises about studying hospitality?
That we humans are so different yet so very much alike. You really see this in the international classroom with the different cultures all focused on the same goal.

What is the best part of Hotel Institute Montreux?
I really love Montreux and the Montreux Jazz Festival – it’s such an amazing city! The school is more specialized in business than the other schools within Swiss Education Group which is why I chose it.

Any tips for someone who is thinking of studying the same programme as you?
The hotel industry is one of the industries that is growing the most. Within this industry you can find work in tiny villages all the way to New York City which is amazing! It is a career that builds human interaction. I encourage others to dare and take the step to move to a new city and new country – here as a Scandinavian I still feel at home.

Klara Bergerud is currently studying for her Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management at Hotel Institute Montreux.


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