The IHTTI Design Showcase


The IHTTI Design Showcase event took place on Monday 9th March at the SHMS, Swiss Hotel Management School & IHTTI, School of Hotel Management, Leysin campus. All students and staff were invited to visit the Design Studio to view all of the IHTTI Hospitality and Design Management students’ final projects, a setup similar to an interactive art gallery. The event overall was a great success, so we wanted to share some of the highlights.

We have no shortage of talented and creative students across our Swiss Education Group schools, so we were delighted to have the chance to show off their innovative skills at the first Design Showcase. 

One room was a dedicated gallery showcasing all of the IHTTI design students’ amazing work produced over the Spring 2020 Semester. This included exhibiting the BA1 student-videos, design narratives and mood boards as part of the F&B Experience & Interior Design Module. The BA2 and PGD students also simultaneously presented their sketchbooks, design portfolios and mood boards of famous interior designers, verbally and electronically to guests as part of the Interior Design module. Whilst the BA3 students studying the Product and Brand Development and Retail Management of Luxury Brands Module showcased their business and design proposals directed to renowned luxury brands and clients.

Meanwhile, a second room was occupied by students engaging in various creative activities such as sewing, drawing, painting and even making origami! There was a real buzz of excitement as students showed off all of their creative skills that they had learnt and developed in the semester.


No matter what generation you are – design is what you look for, both for the aesthetic and its functionality.

by Shalina Sukurdeep, 3rd Term Student

The Integrated & New Venture Design Projects – From Student to Professional

Whilst all these activities were taking place, the BA4 final year students delivered their Business Proposal, a Design Portfolio and an Individual Reflective Report for their final project, the Integrated Project.

The Integrated Project focuses on students experiencing the reality of the design development process for clients and offers a chance for them to quickly respond to a commercial brief. The aim of the Integrated project is to give students a seamless and practical synthesis of skills, making their transition into the working world effortless, impressive, and successful.

The MIB students also showcased their individual, “New Venture Design” projects. In order to succeed, students had to research associated areas, and evaluate the opportunities for generating original ideas within Interior Design. Students received a realistic (but challenging!) client brief before brainstorming their design, justifying their choices, and working on concept and mood boards. Finally, they submitted a complete design pack, just as they would in a real-life scenario.


Design starts with functionality; only then do we start to consider the aesthetics. A well-designed space, paired with exceptional service, has the potential to create memorable experiences, which foster loyalty and an increase in revenue. It does not only impact on customers but also on staff efficiency and motivation. 

by Theresa von Wielligh (BA Hospitality Design Programme Manager)


Student Lead

All activities that took place at the IHTTI Design Showcase event was student lead. From the planning process, poster designs, advertising the event internally on campus, created signage, event location, setup and décor to presenting their work on display at the event.

Our students wanted to show a glimpse of their passion for hospitality design, one of the key elements to the success of any hospitality business!


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