My career path can be traced back to a memorable five-minute conversation and a follow-up phone call.

Around graduation time, I probably sent over 100 job applications and made over 100 cold calls – with no luck.

I remembered someone I met and had a conversation with at the International Recruitment Forum five months earlier. He was the Human Resources Director for the Hyatt Group. I picked up the phone and called him from my home town in Nigeria – he remembered me!

After our phone conversation, he sent an email to the Food & Beverage Director of the Hyatt Group who invited me for an interview. A few weeks later I was offered a job and was on a flight across the world to Dubai.

Networking skills led me to a job as Sales Executive for the Jumeirah Group in Dubai, United Emirates. Here are my 5 tips for leaving the right impression that just might lead you to the job of your dreams.

1. Make time for a short conversation

And don’t over think it! Start with something simple like: “Hi, I’m Anthony and I’m a student at IHTTI.” My first internship was with the United Nations in Geneva. I learned a lot from my conversations and interactions with diplomats from around the world.

2. Be yourself

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to be unique. And there is no one as you unique as you are. In my case, I am a very smiley, jovial person that loves to talk. These characteristics are what helped the HR Director remember me after such a short meeting 5 months later.

3. Follow through and follow up

Take the opportunity to tell people exactly what you are seeking. Follow up with a professional email and refer to the conversation you had.

4. Be generous

Don’t be selfish after you’ve got what you wanted. In the case of the HR Director, I try to give back in the small ways I can by reaching out and asking how he is doing every once and awhile and taking the opportunity to connect over coffee whenever we are in the same city.

5. Dress to impress – everyday!

Because you never know who you might run into! Looking smart and dressing professional is one more way to make sure you stand out.

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